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Shop Update- Shiny new rings & things!

If you are on a diet you may not want to look at these images, as they are almost sure to give you a craving for cake! Combining our love of all things miniature and edible, we have come up with some super cute new pieces... We have slice of cake rings in a selection of colours (or should that be flavours?!), and each one sits on a real china plate!

For a touch of ladylike chic, we have Pearls & Chocolates, a long string of pearls which you can double up, with a girly ribbon and chocolate charm.

These are 'Nice Cup Of Tea And A Slice Of Cake', in either vanilla with a lilac ribbon or chocolate with a red ribbon, with a real miniature cup and saucer and cake made from polymer clay.

The classic convenience meal, the Egg & Beans Ring really hits the spot.

And for all you groovy music loving ladies, get retro with our miniature record rings (we only have a few of these as the charms are vintage and hard to track down!).
They'll be in the shop in the next couple of days, so watch this space!

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