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The Swinging Sixties!

So, I finally started on my mission to document the decades in the form of vintage clothing! That's right, I plan to get a set of photos for each decade that we sell clothes from - the 1940's to the 1980's. It's partly a labour of love and partly part of my grand plans for improving and developing the Minimum Mouse website. I'd love for you to be able to shop by decade and have some beautiful images to document the key looks of that particular decade to give the shopper a bit of inspiration. So, when I was contacted by photographer Adam Fraise about the possibility of working together on something we got chatting about the clothes we sell. He said he'd quite like to do a Twiggy style 1960's shoot, and I was over the moon! I think the sixties is such a rich source of amazing fashion, and sixties stuff is one of our best selling categories. So I collected together all of my favourite 1960's pieces from our stock and popped over to his studio in Edgbaston. Adam is a great photographer to work with, he is very experienced and efficient. And you can see the quality of his work right here...

The model was the super talented Caroline Halford, who could not have been more perfect for the look. Sharon Ann Jarvis provided the make up and hair, creating amazing big eyes with fabulous lashes. Much fun was had by all, and I was so happy with the finished results I could not wait to share them with you! Expect to see them on our new look website in the new year. 

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