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Chub Rub Club Iron On Patch

Chub Rub Club Iron On Patch

Chub Rub Club iron on patch. Perfect for a jacket or pair of jeans, a bag or a t shirt! Made by Extreme Largeness.

It measures 75mm across by 75mm tall.

The patch can be ironed on to most fabrics and we recommend the following steps-

1. Set your iron at the hottest temperature with no steam.
2. Place the patch in the desired position and cover with a cloth such as a tea towel.
3. Hold the iron over the area for 30-45 seconds without moving the iron back and forth.
4. Check that the patch has attached to the area, if there are any loose areas then repeat for another 10-15 seconds, continuing doing this until all the areas of the patch have attached to the fabric.
5. Turn the garment inside out and repeat the steps above.
6. Allow the garment to fully cool down.

Please note that once the patch has been applied to an item of clothing you will need to wash it on a cool cycle in future. If you wash the garment at a high temperature it can cause the glue to melt and the patch can come loose. You don't need to sew the patch on once you have ironed it, but we recommend adding a couple of stitches for a super secure finish.

For a delicate fabric you may prefer to sew the patch on rather than using an iron, as hot temperatures can damage some fabrics.

Please take care when applying your patches!

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