Hello Mouse Gang, Happy World Book Day! Everyone at Minimum Mouse is a total bookworm. We think it’s an excellent idea and fully support it. Books are incredible, they take your mind off things, feed your imagination and take you to anywhere and everywhere.

wORLD Book Day was created to help kids develop a love of literature, but that doesn’t mean they get all the fun! Here are our costume ideas for adults:

First we’re kicking off with a classic everyone loves, Where’s Wally? Run & Fly t-shirt, bobble hat* and eyeglasses. Pair with some black trousers or jeans and you’re on your way!

*Bobble hat is part of our vintage stock. If you’re interested in it please get in touch!

Next up is a total Alice in Wonderland vibe with a brooch by Love Boutique, bracelet by Love Boutique, a clock bag and Run & Fly dress. Hopefully with his ensemble you won’t be late 🐇

Just because there is a special day called ‘World Book Day’ does not mean you cannot show your love of literature every other day of the year. Here are some accessories perfect for bibliophiles who like to show their love of books all day, everyday: 

Punky Pins ‘Books Fuck Yeah’ pin, Shakespeare pin, Punky Pins ‘The Book was Better’ pin, Sherlock Holmes pin, Punky Pins ‘Books and Cats’ pin


Keep reading, Mouse Gang! 


Stay Safe   ❤️   Elise, Team Mouse 🐭 


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