Hello lovelies!

It’s been a while since I last blogged. We decided to take a bit of a blog/social media break over the festive period and January. After 2020 it was sorely needed but now we’re back, Mouse Gang!

January has been a shock to the system - it is freezing 🥶 I’m working from home so not sure if I’m feeling it more because I’m usually travelling, working events and always on the move. Need to get some Bernie mittens! Like a lot of us I am missing normal life but there are some plus sides: constant flow of hot choccie, spending all day in pjs and being near the fridge.

While James, Marianne and Ellie are super busy in the warehouse packing up your orders and keeping everything super clean and safe I’m WFH all the way over in the seaside town of Aberystwyth.  We’ve had a few storms, lots of sea fog and even more rain but it’s all worth it for scenes like this:

 When it’s been too cold to go on coastal walks I’ve been wrapped up warm watching TV. Confession time, I’m a ✨major✨ true crime fan. Luckily lately we’ve been spoiled for that type of content! I binged The Pembrokeshire Murders, a dramatised version of actual events, starring Luke Evans in one evening. I remember  when the news broke (won’t go into any spoilers) so it was interesting to find out what happened. The production is fantastic and Luke Evans is a total dish!

The other true crime programme I binged in January was Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer over on Netflix. It is fantastic, the production is amazing and it’s fascinating hearing how the detectives on the case gathered clues, put the case together and faced diversity. 

✨RuPaul’s Drag Race UK✨ has been a much welcome addition to lockdown life. Again, I won’t go into spoilers but I will leave you with a recommendation that if you have’s started watching it already and you need something colourful to distract you from life, this is the one to turn on.

Do you have any recommendations? Please let us know down in the comments down below ⬇️ and yes, Bridgerton is on the list!

Oh, I can’t say too much but we have some exciting things planned for 2021, so keep an eye out 😉


Stay Safe   ❤️   Elise, Team Mouse


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