The Ultimate Halloween Question

This week at Minimum Mouse we have been discussing the most pressing matter of Halloween - Is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween or Christmas film?
(minor spoilers below) 
Without doubt The Nightmare Before Christmas is an icon in film history.  The film is set in Halloween town, is incredibly spooktacular and Jack is the Pumpkin King. We all know pumpkins are an icon of Halloween. One of the best songs in the film is called 'This Is Halloween' with the title chanted over and over, if that isn't a hint I don't know what is. The film ends with Jack triumphantly returning to Halloween Town and embracing his love, Sally (a humanoid rag doll). Even Henry Selick, the films director, said at the Telluride Horror Show Film Festival, 'it's a Halloween movie'... 
... but is it? Jack LOVES Christmas. From the first moments he lands in Christmas Town he is completely enamoured by the decorations, the people, the presents. The film takes place over Christmas. It ends with Santa sprinkling snow all over Halloween Town, which the residents find confusing and bemusing. In a way, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a love letter to Christmas. Amplifying that is the fact the poem the film is based on was inspired by... a department store switching its Halloween decorations for Christmas decorations!
 Not to mention it was Christmas Town that inspirited this absolute tune.
For us The Nightmare Before Christmas is both and neither at the same time, it's an everyday of the year film.   Personally, I love this film so much and don't think it should be confined to a specific season. It should be enjoyed whenever the mood takes us, something I think Jack and Sally would agree on.
What do you think? Is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween or Christmas film? Let us know down below ⬇️
Stay Safe   ❤️   Elise, Team Mouse
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  • Jimmy on

    Both, why just then?! All year round! Like with Halloween!!

  • Elliott on

    I think perhaps it’s a November film to bridge the gap between Halloween and Christmas.

  • Penguin on

    Love nightmare before Christmas! That jumper is giving me major sally vibes 😍

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