Lockdown has us at Minimum Mouse yearning for what was before. All day I’ve had this gem of a classic stuck in my head so I thought I would share the nostalgia.

Let’s celebrate the legendary Flash animated video by British animator Jonti Picking. Which we were kind of obsessed with back in the early 2000s!


Nothing says ‘I SUPPORT THE BADGERS’ like rocking up to work, to the bar, just out and about (those days will return) in this swanky badger shirt from Run and Fly.


… and there’s a fab dress version!


Want something subtle but still want to show your allegiance to the badgers, badgers, badgers? Have a look at this sleek badger brooch.

Of course we couldn’t ignore the mushrooms so here’s a funky iron on rainbow mushroom patch!

And a super cute mushroom necklace!

(Pssst, let’s not mention the snakes!)


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