Hello Mouse Gang!
Welcome to June, and more importantly, PRIDE MONTH 🎊 We at Minimum Mouse fully support the LGBT+ community, from creating a safe and inclusive space for our staff and customers to stocking items that help you be yourself, loud and proud. We thought this would be a great opportunity to take a little look at our local LGBT+ scene and celebrates couple of its icons. 
Ginny Lemon is someone we have been familiar with for years and are proud to call a ✨ Midlands LEGEND ✨ Ginny was a local star long before appearing on Drag Race UK where they became a national superstar. and the heart to heart with Bimini that got to us all (if you haven’t seen it, we thoroughly recommend you do). And who could forget Ginny’s inspiring Drag Race exit

Ginny Lemon and The Bullring Bull
FANCY A SLIIIIICE?! The legend that is 🍋 GINNY LEMON 🍋 wearing a vest bought from Minimum Mouse!
We are proud to be Birmingham based and aren’t we lucky to boast Joe Lycett (formerly Hugo Boss) as one of our own. Joe is the hero we’ve all yearned for, for those of you unfamiliar with his endeavours, get a taste here. Joe is a comedy genius, get another taste of his antics here - I promise he does a lot more than email people. To emphasise Joe’s importance, in 2019 Birmingham Lord Mayor, Yvonne Mosquito officially opened Lycett’s new kitchen, as seen above.
Being based in Birmingham we are so proud of its LGBT+ history and even though we have a long way to go, we will be there. A week after London’s had their first Gay Pride week, Birmingham had their first Gay Pride Weekend which took place 8th to the 9th July 1972. Birmingham’s Gay Village is famous and as someone who spent a lot of time there during my student days (with some amazing memories), I can thoroughly recommend it - just don’t ask to see any of the photos 😂 

Sadly, Birmingham Pride 2021 has been postponed to September but omg we cannot wait until September! 🎉 Click here to go to the official Birmingham Pride website.
Despite the pandemic putting a dampener on many Pride plans, we hope you all have a wonderful month and continue being beacons of hope and positivity in this dark world.

Happy Pride   🏳️‍🌈   Elise, Team Mouse


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