Recently Elise, member of team mouse (you may know her if you've ever seen us at a Comic Con or other event) took a trip to Aberystwyth, on the beautiful Welsh coast, to do a little photoshoot for us. Here's what she got up to...

I was sat at my computer counting the days since I last left the house when I noticed something gleaming through my window – the sun! This reminded me that despite the non-stop stormy weather for the past few weeks it was actually the end of summer. So, after some messaging and checking the local lockdown guidance, I rounded up Tom and David and headed to the seaside for some ice cream and much needed fun.

Recently we realised there hasn’t been many pics of men modelling  on the website so we figured this was the perfect chance. The boys immediately gravitated to the Run and Fly dungarees with their fab and funky patterns. Tom also grabbed a Run and Fly dino t-shirt!

Tom and David in their dinosaur dungarees

It was a lovey sunny day and not too busy so we just had to get out and about. First stop was the castle, which having been built in 1277 to 1289 is now mainly ruins but there are still some fantastic walls, stairs and places to sneak away. The castle was fairly busy with young families and cute dogs but we still managed to drag ourselves away to take some shots.

On a side note, I would LOVE to cosplay here – but what as?

Tom and David at the castle

After a stroll along the prom we went to grab some ice cream which I stressed were not to be spilt! Both had soft serves with a flake, but Tom went for a cheeky waffle cone with sprinkles (v. important info). I shouldn’t have worried as they gobbled them down super quick.

It must be admitted that there was a lot of chat and laughing and it didn’t feel very professional but we had an absolute blast. It was so lovely to get out of the house and enjoy the sun.

 Tom and David messing around at the seaside

The pictures turned out fab and we had SO much fun! We even managed to forget about You Know What for a day, so win win on all fronts. Tom and David are now firm members of the mouse model team #mousemodels

Keep an eye out for Tom & David on the website!

Elise, Tom and David

Stay safe ❤️ Elise #teammouse


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