Sadly, due to You Know What many Halloween events and activities won't be happening. With this in mind we thought we would share out list of Halloween films we will be watching this Halloween 🎃
The below films are unsuitable for children. 
First off, something a bit silly with a few jump scares. 2014's Unfriended is told through the main characters laptop screen. We see everything she sees while a group Skype call with her friends goes a bit wrong. Find here on NetflixTrailer contains minor spoilers.
Do you want to spook yourself to the state you can't sleep and are triple checking the doors are locking? Then 2016's Hush is for you. Directed and edited by Mike Flanagan, who is the main man behind The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor, this slasher film is about an isolated deaf woman who lives in the woods with her cat 🐈 I won't give anymore away, though the trailer below does so small spoiler warning. Find here on Netflix.
Hate it or love it the found footage genre has some absolute gems. On this list we recommend the found footage classic, Paranormal Activity. With an actually decent reason for everything being filmed, the film starts with Micah getting a brand new camera and what follows left a lot of cinema goers refusing to sleep alone... Find it on Amazon Prime or iPlayer.
Now I have three words for you - psychological horror thriller. 2012's Would You Rather is these three genres excellently blended into one. We follow Iris as she attends a dinner party where a game of 'Would You Rather' begins... the trailer contains minor spoilers. Find Would You Rather on Netflix here.
The only way to finish this list is with a classic. Over on iPlayer is 1980's The Shining. Nothing else needs to be said 🪓
Which films will you be watching this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below ⬇️
Stay Safe   ❤️   Elise, Team Mouse
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