Marianne is the co-owner of Minimum Mouse with husband, James. She enjoys gardening, cats and the smash 70's musical hit, Grease.
How did you get into forming Minimum Mouse?

It was kind of like a hobby that got out of control! Back in 2007 James and I were both not long out of university and trying to decide what to do for a career and started selling bits and bots online that we would get from charity shops, car boot sales and jumble sales. It just grew from there! I then started making jewellery to go along with it and before too long we were able to make that our full-time jobs and that’s what we’ve been doing ever since.


 Which is your favourite vintage era?

In terms of style I’d say probably late fifties early sixties but in terms of what I actually wear then I love stuff from the eighties.


 What is your favourite Minimum Mouse memory?

The first time we did Clothes Show Live because that felt like a really big moment because I used to go years earlier and thought ‘wouldn’t it be amazing to have a stall here’ but it felt like a distant dream.


 Minimum Mouse sells a lot of vintage clothes and is striving to become more and more eco friendly everyday. How important is sustainability to you?

It is very important and it is becoming more important as time goes on. It is something we really want to work on this year. We already try our best to ensure we have recyclable packaging but there is a lot more we can do so that is one of our main focuses for 2021.

Marianne and James' rescue cats, Dolly and Kenny, adopted from Kings Heath Cats Club. 

 Why are your cats called Kenny and Dolly?

 They’re named after country icons and style legends Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers.


 Minimum Mouse is a small, independent business. Is there anything you wish people knew?

We are a small family business with me, my husband and we employ my sister. Sometimes people think we’re a big company but really we’re not, there’s only two full time staff and that’s me and my husband! I like that though because it means we can keep a personal touch when dealing with our customers and it’s nice to get to know them!


And finally, what are your favourite crisps?

Walkers Prawn Cocktail. Easy.

Stay Safe   ❤️   Team Mouse 🐭


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