Hello Mouse Gang 🐭 

Today we’re celebrating the unique and beautiful Love Boutique!
Emma, the owner and designer of Love Boutique, also designs for Run and Fly, which is why some of you may recognise her fabulous creations. This is also why Love Boutique jewellery goes perfectly with Run and Fly clothes. 

Love Boutique is all handmade in the North East of England. They have been making their amazing pieces for many years and are stocked in lots of small independent boutiques across the UK. 

Here is a little peek at some Love Boutique gems...


Find the badger jewellery here.
Find the sunflower jewellery here.

Find the swan jewellery here.


Find the dinosaur jewellery here.

Find the ladybird jewellery here.
And many, many more. Thank you, Love Boutique, for creating adorable looks for us 🙌
Stay Safe   ❤️   Elise, Team Mouse 🐭 


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