As second hand September comes to an end we at Minimum Mouse have been reflecting on the amazing world of vintage clothing and accessories. Minimum Mouse started by selling vintage clothes back in 2007. We’ve still been selling vintage at fairs and events but it hasn’t really been a big part of our website. We have a warehouse full of beautiful, timeless vintage pieces that deserve to find new homes. Over the next year we will be adding more and more vintage items to the website but until then they’ll be making a big appearance at our warehouse sales. 
When James was sixteen years old he went to San Francisco on holiday. One day they visited Haight-Ashbury, this is where he first went into a vintage shop and where his love of vintage began! Since then James has loved snooping through charity shops and spending hours and hours going through car boot sales. 
Marianne loves that you don't have to dedicate yourself to strict rules from a certain decade or look. Every piece is unique which means you can create a super individual outfit and own a truly one of a kind wardrobe. 
Every time you buy an item of vintage clothing, remember this:
  • You will be keeping that item in circulation for longer which means better use of materials and even better, less landfill!
  • Vintage pieces aren’t new (alright, Captain Obvious!) which means less resources and less pollution as a result.
  • Buying a vintage item isn’t going to completely solve the issues of the environment but it is a good step in the right direction and minimising our carbon footprints.
  • You’ll be showing people that just because something is ‘from the past’ doesn’t mean it’s not awesome!
With all of this is mind we met up with Tom and David and did another shoot, vintage style! Keep an eye on the website for more vintage gems and for another shoot showing off some of our fave women's vintage pieces.
Stay Safe ♥️ Team Mouse


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